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    Shandong Tianyi Machinery Co., Ltd. a national high-tech enterprise covers an area of 200000 m2 and owns a modernized standard workshop of 80000 m2. The company is a leading enterprise which is devoted to research and solution of solid waste and manufacturing, research and development of new building materials and equipments, including light wall panel production line, EPS cement sandwich wall panel production line, , foamed cement insulation board production line, full-automatic extrusion wall panel production line, gypsum wall panel production line, thermal insulation decorative coating production line, precast reinforced concrete (PC) production line. The company has established close relationship of “production-study-research” with famous scientific research institutes like China Building Materials Academy and Anhui University and got more than 50 patents. Meanwhile, we continuously improve customer satisfaction though providing high-quality service. The products are sold well in all cities and provinces around China reaching above 40% of the market share in the industry and exported to more than 30 countries and regions, such as Iran, Syria, Israel, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, India, etc. with good reputation. We sincerely invite friends from all over the world to cooperate with us on the basis of mutual trust and mutual benefit.

    • Vision

      To be a company that innovates, commercializes and adapts technologies to provide new ideas, products, and services to build and construct buildings and infrastructure - Better, Faster and more Economically than ever before.

    • Values

      We affirm the following core values:

    If you have any questions or need to talk with us then please send us an email to info@sdyzty.com
    Inquiry Form

    No.260 North Ring Road, YanZhou Industrial Park,Shandong Province,China.

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