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    EPS cement wall panel production line is the new wall panel production line developed by our company according to domestic and foreign advanced technology and experience. The production line mainly consists of automatic batching system, mixing system, foaming system, power distribution system, wall panel molding system, slurry pumping system, EPS pre-expanding system, hydraulic circulation system, overall board drawing system, etc.

    The large mixing equipment independently researched and developed by our company is equipped with precise automatic batching system which can make the feeding precise and the slurry mixing more even and mixed together well. The slurry pumping system can pump the mixed slurry into the equipment more easily and conveniently. Frequency conversion foaming technology is adopt in foaming system to improve the foaming speed and save raw materials. Wall panel molding machines work automatically with high forming speed. This production line works in a high degree of automation with simple operation and high production efficiency.

    As the core material, EPS granule in the wall panel not only can greatly reduce the wall panel weight but also has the advantages of heat preservation, sound insulation, water-proofness and durability. It also has the advantages of non-degradation, anti-mildew and mothproofing and has strong binding force with the cement glue powder and uniformly distributed in the core board to make cement mortar form the cellular structure with best stress and decomposition and make the impact resistance, hanging force and other properties of the wall panel itself greatly enhanced. The compound wall panel has the advantages of high strength, light weight, fire prevention, sound insulation, moisture preservation, seismic resistance and durability, which inseparable with its materialproperties and scientificity of internal structure..

    Wall Panel Making Machine:
    • High degree of automation; four-side hydraulic opening and closing;
    • opening and closing mould and baffle on both ends are fully automatic;
    • simple operation with high efficiency and low labor intensity.
    • Automatic temperature control (can be heated by electricity, water and gas);
    • fast demoulding and short maintenance cycle. Complete machine vibration,
    • overall baffle and precise positioning system make the equipment mechanization degree higher.
    • The equipment can produce prestressed inner wall panel and outer wall panel (foaming board, compound board and sandwich board) and its performance has reached the leading level in domestic similar products with annual output of 80000 ㎡ per wall panel.
    Salient Features:
    • Simple installation with unskilled workers
    • Moisture, Rot & Mold resistant
    • Fire resistant
    • Termite resistant
    • Controlled Concrete Quality at 30 - 45N/mm2
    • 92mm and 120mm thickness of finished Walltec partition wall compared to 150mm of brick wall with plaster on both sides.
    • 20% cost saving for the builder compared to brick/block masonry and plaster
    • 50% Time saving for the builder compared to brick/block masonry and plaster
    • Lower overall cost of finished wall and longer life cycle of product.
    If you have any questions or need to talk with us then please send us an email to info@sdyzty.com
    Inquiry Form

    No.260 North Ring Road, YanZhou Industrial Park,Shandong Province,China.

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