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    EPS Cement Wall Panel Production Line

    TYF-16A EPS Cement Wall Panel Production Line

    • cement wall panel production line is the new wall panel production line developed by our company according to domestic and foreign advanced technology and experience. The production line mainly consists of automatic batching system, mixing system, foaming system, power distribution system, wall panel molding system, slurry pumping system, EPS pre-expanding system, hydraulic circulation system.
    TY12 Light Wall Panel Production Line

    TY12 Light Wall Panel Production Line

    • This production line is suitable for GRC wall panel, gypsum wall panel, magnesite wall panel, compound wall panel, sandwich wall panel and other materials wall panel.
    • Production line adopts hydraulic power control system and electric control system with high degree of mechanization;
    Wall Panel Making Machine

    PC Production Line

    • PC (Prefabricated Concrete)---PC is short for Precast Concrete, it is mainly consisted of Prefabricated Components, through assembly, connection, partial cast-in-situ concrete structure, is the strong engine of the industrialized building development.
    • opening and closing mould and baffle on both ends are fully automatic;

    Gypsum Wall Panel Production Line

    • The equipment can produce water resistant and high-strength gypsum hollow wall panel and gypsum block by using natural gypsum, desulfurization gypsum or phosphogypsum and solved the technical problems of low strength and poor water resistance of gypsum products. International testing proves that the patent TYS-08 gypsum wall panel molding machine (every time can produce four thickness adjustable wall panels at the same time) is international initiative.

    Insulation Decorative Coating Equipment

    • Strength gradually increases over time with an initial cube compressive strength of 25 to 40 N/mm2 and an initial sectional compressive strength of 18 to 30 N/ mm2.
    • Walls do not deteriorate, experience creep and stress relaxation, lose strength and/or deflect over time.
    If you have any questions or need to talk with us then please send us an email to info@sdyzty.com
    Inquiry Form

    No.260 North Ring Road, YanZhou Industrial Park,Shandong Province,China.

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